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Vintage Amusement Co is a Waiheke Island based provider of unique vintage style hand painted carnival games and props. We also offer consultation, design, artistic building services, and special event hire-age. Our focus is on creating one of a kind event backdrops, set pieces, hand painted signage, lighting and more. Please inquire about our price lists and packages as well as our custom work quotations.


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Phone: 027 316 9750

Zonko Bros. Carnival Hire

The Zonko Brothers have created an exciting and colourful vintage carnival that is guaranteed to set your event apart from the rest. Our priorities are Visual Impact, Functionality, Safety, and Fun. With time tested games, authentic signage, and an array of accompanying décor, we provide an atmosphere that will transport your guests to a magical, nautically themed world of days gone by.

Suitable for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and functions and able to be enjoyed by all ages and skills, our carnival items are sure to inspire awe and create a jubilant atmosphere.

Please note that we are constantly adding more booths, games, and attractions and all games and booths are 3D.


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    Custom Design & Build

    We draw on a lifetime of experience in design and build for theatre, ballet, circus, fashion shows, film festivals, trade shows, carnival, concerts, opera and performance art to create custom props, sets, archways, signs, games and more.

    Would you like a custom sign for your next event? A special prop? A personalized drinks bar or carnival cut-out?

    Let us turn your imagination into reality.

    We are happy to quote you on custom work, please enquire today.


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    Shop and Home Design

    Let Vintage Amusement Co. add colour and creativity to your shop or home. Our designs feature recycled timber and re-purposed objects and can range from wall treatments, shelving and counters to lamps, furniture and more.


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    About Us

    Vintage Amusement Co.'s mission is to invents and build fun things. Whether you want to jazz up your shop space with hand crafted signage and fixtures, put that extra wow into your performance with an amazing set piece or attract customers with custom games or rides, we can provide the fresh ideas and produce the goods that you are looking for. We have a catalogue of carnival games and booths and stands for hire, perfect for adding a unique twist to your wedding, party, concert or event. We strive to deliver something truly extraordinary for down to earth price.

    Our Team...

    Zach Boyd- Captain

    Theatre man, carnival man. Over 20 years in the fun zone, designing, building, painting, displaying products, translating ideas into three dimensions. Known to re-purpose, think outside the box. Furniture, props, scenery, games, what next?

    Willem van der Plas- First Mate, Engineer

    This guy is made out of nuts and bolts and hot sauce. He is a giant guitar in clownpants. He is Najinsky's bad move. And he played the orangutan in “ Any Which Way But Loose”.

    Charlotte Cohen- Master of Minions, Coxswain

    Hospo business guru and humanity fanatic. More than just a pretty facebooker. This anti sexist atheist will punch your computer in the face and write a book about it! So that is the kind of thing you will find her doing. She also has the job of being married to Zach.

    Please give us a call on 027316950 or email vintageamusementco@gmail.com to discuss your idea or event!